PSP Repairs, Sony Playstation Portable Repairs

In These days Sony PSP Console Repairs has become a best-seller amid our youth and has absolutely altered the way games are played. Just like Xbox 360 Repairs the Sony PSP has problems much like it three red lights or PS3 flashing lights problem. It’s never too late to send your PSP to a repair technician at Console Repairs Birmingham.

At Console Repairs we will fix all the most common and other uncommon fixes that may occur for your PSP. At Console Repairs we can fix almost any problem on a PSP e.g. fix cracked screens, psp laser umd, and PSP New Case Repairs.

There is so much you can get by repairing your PSP at Console Repairs Birmingham, with a useful PSP repair.

Sony expect to pay up to $125 to get it looked at with no guarantee it will be fixed. You will save some big bucks repairing at Console Repairs. For more information on how you can get your PSP Repair Visit Console Repairs Birmingham


Nintendo Wii repairs, Wii Console Repairs

Is your Nintendo Wii Repairs not powering up or broken down or spoiled? We are providing game console repairs in Birmingham, UK; you can assure that Console Repairs Birmingham will provide you best value and service as well as a quick improvement of your Nintendo Wii console! Console Repairs Birmingham is devoted to repairing your Nintendo Consoles back to functioning order as quickly as possible. To accomplish this task, we have made quite a few exclusive services to help our clients around Birmingham, UK to get their imperfect Nintendo Wii console running again. We can restore not working motherboards and even DVD drives.

Console Repairs is expert in Nintendo Wii Repairs. The most common Nintendo Wii problems we can fix include – DVD Drive laser repair, DVD Drive Replacement, Main board repair.

If at any instance you have any queries with regards to our Birmingham Wii Repair or replacement service please feel free to contact us at 0121 706 7864 or send us an email at for help or visit Console Repairs Birmingham.

PS3 Repairs – Playstation 3 Repairs

Have you facing continuously Playstation 3 (PS3) Blinking red light problem and searching for quality repair service. Here you will get all the PS3 Repairs which you needed.

Well, troubles such as blinking light of death error are difficult to repair, and in this case, nearly everyone will tell you to send your console over to Company and pay $150 or utilize your warranty. But since the PS3 blinking red light of death error is difficult to repair, it doesn’t indicate that it can’t be repaired at all… At Console Repairs Birmingham you will get this repair almost in half price which you would pay to Sony.

Alongside providing Blinking light repairs for Playstation 3 (PS3) you will also contact us for repairs like enhancing cooling systems performances, adding LED Mods, Laser Replacement, no power repair, stuck discs repairs. For More Information visit Console Repairs

Xbox 360 Repairs – Console Repairs Birmingham

Although the Xbox 360 sport consoles are famous around the globe, you can not insure if this gaming console has been just the thing you needed. You will ascertain numerous conditions that having the Xbox 360 repairs and alteration which happen to be taking place violently to any one who’s not able to achieve uphold of the your console.

There are number of happenings that error codes contribute inside the red lights that keep on blinking to the Xbox alone. If a person red light blinks, it generally indicate that your system is about to overheat, so that the first thing you should do is to make room to it to have air ventilated. The next occurrence is the two red lights blinking, which indicates that your Console’s Graphic Processor Unit of its respective CPU has currently overheated and also the past is the 3 red lights blinking that is well-known because the red light of failure. Having the skill to stumble upon these problems you are able to own your console be repaired by Console Repairs Birmingham.

It’s never ever too late to to pay for to make it correct up and bring back your game console for those who finally not able to repair it on your own together with the replies that Console Repairs Birmingham offered in your case.

At Console Repairs Birmingham you’ll offered the following repairs.

  1. xbox 3 red – lights/e74/e73

  2. xbox 1 red – light

  3. xbox 2 red – lights

  4. xbox freezing graphics – no picture

  5. xbox laser – dvd drive not reading discs


  7. xbox cooling – fans